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-Team Kup-

Casting is all

we do.

Jimmy’s worked with legendary directors & creatives.

It’s been a true privilege doing our job, so we are inevitably connected to bringing something to the creativity we see.

 We don’t dwell on credits or awards or joining coalitions of people that approach doing what we do.

We are naturally independent and instinctually focused on getting the most compelling living elements in front of the lens… Mostly people, but sometimes they have a dog…

Jimmy’s worked in big cities & small towns across America…

Sometimes, we are perusing beautifully developed individuals in cool, clear talent pools.

Other times we have swum the murky, but always fruitful, rivers of real people that live between the oceans.

It has been an indescribably enriching experience…all while amassing 1000+ credits and most of 4 decades’ worth of stories. Along the way, we would be creating talent pools where they did not exist before…

Jimmy creates when away from film world too.

Being a Nashvillian rubs off on you.

Jimmy writes and emotes music, and believes there is an interesting similarity in acting.

The tempo and rhythm of the performance, the melody in the dialogue, and the harmony or disharmony in the story.

…Hmm deep…

…Mmm, coffee!..

All the best

Team Kup!

Jimmy Kup Casting Director


Key Casting Protégé
brown hair | brown eyes

Casting Director
copper hair | green eyes

Casting Protégé
blonde hair | blue eyes


In our minds, all things done are a kaleidoscopic panoply of millions of frames..and a bit of a blur.  Here are some, mostly in focus, examples:

See more examples and project details!


Jimmy Kup Casting has worked in 50+ large markets and small towns across the country handling talent pool casting, real-people, or anything in between…

Web-Based Auditions

We will provide, client friendly, state of the art links and remote session capabilities as needed and as they evolve. We lean on digital casting, tech gurus and filling frames to fulfill your needs.


We cast Union, Non-Union, Real People and Specialty Talent for all still and moving pictures.


  • Union & Non-Union Casting
  • Real People Casting
  • Commercial/Web
  • Music Video
  • Industrial
  • Print


We have cast a considerable number of projects in every media, with a focus on commercial work.

See our full client list

Jimmy Kup Casting


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